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Do you feel like you're getting stuck in a rut? Do you feel afraid, anxious, sad or stressed? As a psychologist, I can offer you support and listen to you without judgement. The therapy will be centred around your wishes, and by providing therapeutic treatment, I will offer you the help needed so you can get back on your feet. My aim is to help you straight away, so there are no waiting lists, and making an appointment outside of office hours is possible as well. I mainly work in Nijmegen, Arnhem, and Ede-Wageningen and in London in the UK but meeting up somewhere else, preferably in the region, can be discussed.
Registered psychologist Insuranced-covered healthcare No waiting list (also evening hours)
Insurance-covered healthcare

I work in the Basis GGZ as a psychologist. In the case you are covered by Dutch health insurance, and have a basisverzekering, recoupment is often possible. In that case, I do need a referral note from your GP, as well as a scan of your identity card or passport to get the administration for the insurance company in order. I collaborate with Caredate, a national online onganization to be able to offer insurance-covered healthcare. Therefore, you also need to sign up at their website to get the treatment covered. Also, if you have any questions about your insurance, and other finance-related questions, please feel free to contact them, for they know more about the subject than I do, and it allows me to dedicate my time to the therapy.

Caredate offers insurance-covered healthcare but have no contracts with any specific health insurance company. The reason why they choose to do this, is because if they had contracts, there would be a limit to the number of clients Caredate could take on. What Caredate offers is a declaration: you will get a bill, but you can declare the costs at your health insurance company. The amount of money you will receive in turn to pay the costs, depends on the conditions of your insurance policy. In the Netherlands, there are hundreds of different policies, so always check which policy you have and which conditions apply. I can recommend getting in touch with your insurance company to ensure you know how much money you will receive when you declare the costs of the therapy.

There are two main types of policies:
Restitutiepolis (vrije zorgkeuze): this policy will get 100% of your costs covered.
Naturapolis (basisverzekering): these policies compensate the costs of therapy for the most part, usually between 70% and 90%.
If your insurance company has any questions about Caredate, the relevant information is addressed below:
Caredate is a BasisGGZ mental healthcare organization
Addres: Astronaut 22D, 3824 MJ Amersfoort
AGB-code: 2222 1012

Fees of the therapy:
After the intake, I will discuss with you how many sessions will be needed. Caredate uses the prescribed standards by the NZA, the Nederlandse ZorgAuthoriteit for therapeutic courses in the Basis GGZ.

Basic GGZ Max. number of sessions Max. fee Caredate NZA-fee
Basic GGZ Short 3 € 450 € 487,26
Basic GGZ Medium 6 € 765 € 830,23
Long-term Basic GGZ 9 € 1102,50 € 1301,85

The therapy session itself is 60 minutes. The course includes the support of the regiebehandelaar a senior psychologist and the administration. The fee of the courses is 10% to 15% percent lower than average compared to the prescribed standards by the NZA. As a result, your own contribution (the eigen bijdrage in the Dutch healthcare system) is as low as possible. If less sessions are needed than planned, the final invoice will be lower. The entire treatment is taxfree.

Do pay attention to your own contribution/eigen risico

After your treatment is finished, you will receive an invoice from Caredate. You can declare this invoice at your insurance company. Do keep in mind that the insurance company will deduct a possible eigen risico/your own contribution when they pay you the money you have declared. In general, health insurance companies pay you the declaration fairly quickly usually between 10 to 15 days. The Caredate invoice should be paid within 30 days, so I can recommend to declare the Caredate invoice as quickly as possible. As a result, you do not have to pay a lot of money upfront.

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Waiting list

Our waiting times are updated regularly (weekly). The current waiting times are:

Queue between receiving a referral from your GP and the intake: no waiting time.

Queue between the intake and treatment start: no waiting time.

The waiting times are published in line with the regulations of the Dutch Healthcare Authority (Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit, NZa).

For more information you can call: 06-21680578
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